VTAC and scholarship information and Macca's Kilmore is hiring

27 August 2015

VTAC information

Thank you to the parents who attended the recent VTAC information night. If you couldn't be there or would like to view the PowerPoint presentation again it is on the career library website.

Are we rural or not?

VTAC has told me about changes to how tertiary institutions determine whether an area is rural or not. It pointed out in an email that "it is possible for an area to be determined as rural at one institution and not at another".

It went on to say that: "VTAC does not make its own assessments of remoteness; institutions do that in whatever way they prefer". This is a different process to previous years.

Upon checking with different institutions, it seem that Kilmore is still considered  rural at all major Victorian universities but Wallan and Hidden Valley are not. Deakin and RMIT universities don't define Wallan and Hidden Valley as rural either. However, according to the websites of ACU, La Trobe, Swinburne and Monash, Wallan and Hidden Valley are rural.

Melbourne University uses another tool which requires individual addresses to be checked. Families should go online and add their address to the database to check whether they are defined as living in a rural area.

The final recommendation from VTAC is that “everyone should apply for Category 1 of SEAS anyway, so they will automatically receive any consideration they are entitled to”.

I think it is fair to say that soon Kilmore will no longer be defined as rural either.

La Trobe's Aspire Program

A reminder to year 12 students who wish to apply for the Latrobe University Aspire Program that the closing date is Monday, August 31.

La Trobe's scholarship program

Assumption College and La Trobe University entered a schools partnership and, as a result, the university has guaranteed one (or maybe two) $6000 scholarship/s for an Assumption student/s studying an undergraduate course. Year 12s have been emailed the form that they must fill in. The completed form, the 1000 word personal statement and years 11 and 12 reports must be submitted to me by Monday, October 5 (first day of term 4). Late applications will not be considered.

Other scholarships

Students should spend a day searching the many scholarships available to those wanting to go to university or TAFE  next year. Here are some useful websites:


Deakin University

Federation University

Latrobe University



Swinburne Institute

University of Melbourne

Victoria University

Other search sites for scholarships

Year 10 vocational pathways

Year 10s have been looking at the importance of resumes and how to write a professional resume that can be used by them for either a part-time job or a school-based apprenticeship. If you haven’t seen your child’s resume please ask to see it. At the start of term 4 each year 10 student will participate in a mock interview. I am still looking for help from parents who could give up an afternoon on either October 20 or 27 (or both days if you are available) to help with this program. If you can help, please email me details of your availability.

 New Kilmore McDonald’s is hiring now

I have been contacted by the owner of the McDonald’s being built in Kilmore. He is looking at employing up to 80 people to work either casually or permanently once the store opens early in 2016. If students are interested in applying they must go online. Once online, students need to select Kilmore or Wallan South for the stores they wish to apply for. Interviews will take place at the Wallan store on September 26 and 27 or October 10 and 11 Students have been emailed details.

Jenny Pendlebury - VCAL/Careers Coordinator