What's been happening in food technology?

27 August 2015

The Food Technology Department has been cooking up a storm. The VCE unit 3 & 4 class are  preparing their folio work, and many have created some exciting and imaginative dishes.

Students in their final year of food technology develop a folio based on a design brief of their choosing. We are seeing fandom-based, frozen-inspired burgers from around the world, the 21 Club (a speakeasy from the depression) and seafood delights among others. The final student work will be on display at the Arts and Technology Exhibition later this year.

Year 9 students have finished sensory evaluation, where they learn to use the five senses to evaluate the properties of foods. The final part of this was a taste test that included M&Ms, chips, nori and anchovies.

Year 8s have been exploring their diets and each student has completed an analysis of their own diet. They then compared this against the food pyramid and commented on both.

Alexander Houghton - Food technology teacher and Technology Learning Area Coordinator