Food technology students perfect a Viennese favourite

22 October 2015

Sounds of Edelweiss [for our younger readers, a song from the popular 1959 musical The Sound of Music] filled the Marlhes kitchen as year 10 food technology students made apple strudel as part of their learning with food around the world.

It was great to smell the sweetness of the granny smith apples with the traditional spices used in strudel, cinnamon and nutmeg, the addition of fresh lemon juice and orange zest which gave a zing to the flavour.

Students were told about traditional strudel dough and how it is pulled across the back of the hands to form a transparent thin piece of dough for the apples to be place onto. We didn’t have time to perform this technique so we used filo pastry to mimic the dough. Students then added buttered, pan-fried breadcrumbs between layers of buttered filo pastry finishing with a layer of cooked spiced apples, flaked almonds and raisins. They rolled the pastry into a long cylinder and baked it for 30 mins. Finishing the strudel with raspberry coulis and a generous dusting of icing sugar, it smelt amazing when it came out of the oven.

Congratulations to Morae Ryan and Leticia Salmon for winning the Golden Chef Award.

Happy cooking.

Nigel Engel - VET hospitality & food technology