French Study Tour 2015

22 October 2015


Thirteen students of French, together with Maureen Kurzman and I spent 17 days in France. This was the trip of a lifetime and an educational journey. We were able to extend our French speaking, reading and listening skills, enhance our understanding of French culture and explore some of the regions in France which are closely connected with Australia.

Our group commented particularly that they greatly enjoyed their homestay experience in Lyon and were moved when we visited the World War I and II cemeteries in Normandy and Picardy.

Among the students’ enduring memories were, "seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night, all the graves and hearing the soldiers’ stories, the new friends we made, the experience of being in Paris, watching everyone grow in their French speaking, and after the war memorials, their pride in being Australian, the Louvre, the Western Front area and the homestay". Living in a different culture, developing bonds within the group, having an amazing experience, an unforgettable adventure and getting to know everyone also rated highly as special memories.

We were complimented several times on our students’ demeanour and attire. Mrs Kurzman and I congratulate the students on a most successful tour as ACK ambassadors and on their positive approach.

Jane Darrou – LOTE Coordinator