Meet our new applied learning captain

22 October 2015

Brincat Kiara 1

Kiara Brincat is the applied learning captain for 2016. This position is a full leadership position and she will work alongside the academic captains to form a team that will promote excellence within the College.


Kiara, from Wallan, has attended ACK for five years and is about to complete her Intermediate VCAL Certificate with a Cert III in Design Fundamentals at Whitehouse Institute. She has been actively involved in all aspects of the VCAL program and is completing her individual project for personal development skills by making toys for children in hospital.


Next year she will move into her Senior VCAL Certificate and has secured a SBAT in Cert III in Business at Wallan Neighbourhood House. She has already begun discussing her ideas for VCAL projects next year. Ms Flavell and the other VCAL staff are looking forward to working with Kiara and her fellow year 12 students in 2016.


VCAL requirements for 2016

Students enrolled to complete VCAL in 2016 at either year 11 or year 12 must have a PE uniform. Some excursions we attend are better suited to a PE uniform while others require full school uniform. Those without an ACK PE uniform will have to wear full school uniform at all times, which is not ideal. If you have any concerns please see Ms Flavell or me.

 Jenny Pendlebury – VCAL & Careers Coordinator