Book Week 2019

22 August 2019

Assumption Students Celebrate Book Week

Book Week 2019 was a huge success, with students applying their creativity to express a love for reading, focused on their favourite stories and characters. Creative book responses and showbag designs were complemented by a luncheon that allowed book club members to gather and celebrate their amazing work. 



Creative Book Response Luncheon and Announcement of winners

The Creative Book Response competition is open to all members of the Assumption College community – and once again our students did not disappoint! They were tasked with the goal of creating something – anything! – to represent a book they had read or a favourite character. A fine collection of entries was handed in including artworks, yarn creations, handmade books, masks, jewellery and clothing to mention just a few. It was obvious that many hours had been devoted to creating the competition entries!

We gathered for the announcements, with our MC Mr Paul Huisintveld discussing their creations with the students. We all enjoyed finding out about the inspiration behind the created objects as well as eating some lovely food together.

The judging panel had an incredibly difficult time coming up with the list of finalists – in our eyes all of our student creations were winners!

The Judging Panel came up with the following results:


  • 1st  Prize: Coen Huffer(Year 7) for his magnificent creation of Will’s Cloak from The Ranger’s Apprentice series. Coen learned to use the sewing machine to construct his cloak – and hand-painted it. He also made some accessories.


  • 2nd Prize:  Charles Boyer (Year 9) for his creation of Majora’s mask. Charles was inspired by a Manga book and his mask was constructed from wood and then hand-painted.


  • 3rd Prize:  Harrison and Ashlea Bannon (Years 8 and 11)  for their creation of a scrapbook inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The scrapbook was a visual feast of photos and other items to reflect the story.


Cassie Colisante (Year 10) was given an “Honourable Mention” for her Crossover Art Work featuring Mega Man and Astro Boy.

The “People’s Choice” award was given to Caitlin Walker (Year 10) for her artwork featuring Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones series.

A big thank you to Mr Paul Huisintveld for his wonderful work as MC.

An even bigger thank you to the Library Staff, especially Mrs Terri Reid, Mrs Maki Daisley and Mrs Jo Devlin, who devoted hours to organising this event for the enjoyment of our students.

The biggest thank you of all, though, is for our talented and creative students who spent hours making amazing artwork for us all to enjoy.

Happy Book Week – and Happy Reading!

Mrs Alexa Hunt

Director of Library and Information Services