Aiming to achieve an ATAR above 90

5 March 2015

Thirty-six of our final year VCE cohort attended a lunch for highly motivated students on Monday, February 16. An invitation went out to those who are aiming for an ATAR of 90+, and are motivated to work hard to achieve this goal. Four of our 2014 high academic achievers were also there: Laura Ranger, Isabelle McKay, Emily Hocking and College Dux Anna Urokohara.

Students had the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers and discuss their future options. They also enjoyed a question and answer session with our past achievers, receiving some subject specific tips as well as advice on study routines and techniques. The over-arching message from our past students was that those who work hard will reap the rewards come results time.

Given the success of this gathering, we intend to meet semi-regularly to provide an extra avenue for support for these enthusiastic students. I will also be putting out Academic Updates during the year to try to keep all year 12s motivated. Click on the latest one below:    

Rachel Williams - VCE Coordinator