Exploring the rockpools of Torquay

5 March 2015

Rockpools 2It was an early start for those of us in year 11 heading to the rockpools at Torquay. Departing at 7.45am and following an hour-and-a-half bus trip, we arrived at not so sunny Danger Point. After a quick lesson on what to do and how to do it from our instructor, Regina (from Ecologic), we headed down the beach to the rockpools.

We tried our best to stay dry but ended up with wet shoes, socks and shorts. After finding our balance we set out to find crabs and sea stars and quickly discovered they like to hide. We found an assortment of different organisms including sea stars, crabs, sea urchins and lots of algae and Neptune's necklace. Our instructor managed to pick up a very aggressive crab.

Putting our skills to work we used quadrants to look at three areas of the rockpools to collect data about what we had found. Heading back to the bus we had lunch which included 20-plus bags of fish and chips. 

The day was full of laughs, entertainment and very educational. Thank you to Ms Wogan and Ms Link for accompanying us on the excursion and for providing great photography and entertainment.

Keenan Gorski and Georgia Nichols