Panthers are ready to pounce

5 March 2015


The Austin Panthers have had a successful start to 2015. With a strong leadership team including SRCs from years 7-12, two new staff members and seven new students, Austin has never been stronger. This has been highlighted with the new buddy system between year 7s and year 12s which is working well and bringing the two year levels closer. It also allows the year 12s to give their buddies sound advice and, most importantly, to help the newest members of Austin feel at home.

Although the swimming carnival wasn't our greatest achievement (finishing seventh out of eight), the day was positive with the highest level of participation in recent years and some outstanding performances. 

The Austin House barbecue was memorable. Students and their families welcomed and congratulated new members of the house and those that have become leaders. The night was enjoyed with a well-cooked barbecue and, most importantly, a friendly game of downball between the year levels.

Finally, our fund-raising efforts this year will focus on helping tea farmers in Bangladesh. Working in modern slave-like conditions, these workers earn barely enough for food and cannot send their children to school. Without our support these children will never be able to break the cycle of poverty.

Keep a look out for coming events within the house, because we are planning a big year ahead.

Jarrod Lawson and Jack Callaghan - House Captains

Jessica Flavell - House Coordinator