Dragons are all fired up

19 March 2015

It is my great pleasure and privilege to step into the role of Damian House Coordinator. The students and staff in the house have welcomed me, and it has been a great start to the year with a genuine buzz in the Upper William Wing corridor each day.

I thank our house captains Luke Liesegang and newly appointed Anna Chisholm for their support. We welcome all  new students to Damian, especially our year 7s, who have made a smooth transition into secondary school.

I am fortunate to welcome Mr Anthony Montemurro and Ms Jo Cross to our great team:

        DA1   Annette Barlow and Vicki Whitty

        DA2   Anthony Montemurro

        DA3   Sarah Lipman and Vicki Devine

        DA4   Andrew Brown and Jo Cross

        DA5   Emma Kelly and Matthew Smith

        DA6   Peter Hope and Jane Darrou

Thank you to all the families that attended our House Welcome Barbecue on February 23. It was a great success and it was fantastic to meet so many new faces and see parents mingling with their children's PCG teachers.

Congratulations to the Damian students on their efforts at the swimming carnival. It was an excellent result to finish in third place up from sixth place last year. The students and staff all pulled together to show amazing house spirit and it was an enjoyable day for all involved.

Our students also performed well at the athletics carnival coming second after Frayne.

I thank Anthony Montemurro and the Damian staff for their support over the past few weeks during my absence and illness; I am blessed to have such a great team. 

I encourage you to contact me and your child's PCG teacher so that we can form strong partnerships to support and assist your child with any problems that may arise. I look forward to working with you this year.

Judita Turco - Damian House Coordinator


 ‘If you can’t handle the heat, don’t tickle the dragon’