Griffins soar high in 2015

19 March 2015

OMG! What a hectic start to the year: Opening School Mass, Interhouse Swimming and Athletics carnivals, Year 7 Camp, House Welcome Barbecue and Presentation night, and it’s not over yet. Stay tuned for the Year 12 Retreat at the end of the month. These are but a few of the wonderful opportunities that Assumption offers.

A big welcome to our new families and to those returning for 2015. The House Welcome Barbecue and Presentation night was a huge success with around 170 participants with many of the parents wearing the La Valla colours. Thank you for supporting the night and getting behind our staff and students in our effort to provide a more communal atmosphere.

The SRCs were announced as follows:

                LA 1       Olivia Weidenbach and Brooklyn Woodward

                LA 2       Lauren McInerney and Nash Kemp

                LA 3       Amy Hawkins and Isabella Robertson-Dixon

                LA 4       Hannah Gilham and Ethan Phillip

                LA 5       Georgina Smith and Megan Taylor

                LA 6       Claudia Vranesic and Nicholas Bayne

We wish these students all the best in these important positions.

If you were at the barbecue you would have heard our wonderful house leaders Nicholas Reich and Alani Costa talk passionately about the La Valla charity for 2015. The focus is on Cambodian Solidarity and we will be raising money for those in Cambodia who have lost limbs due to the countless land mines that litter the countryside. We are holding a raffle for a coffee machine, so please support this worthy cause: $2 a ticket or 3 for $5. Tickets can be bought from your child or me. 

I wish those associated with the house the very best for the year. I hope you have the courage to believe, strength to achieve, and always remember to remain loyal to the purple.

Joe Pannuzzo - La Valla House Coordinator