Our Career Expo is coming

19 March 2015

The annual Assumption College Career Expo will be held in the Gonzales Centre on Tuesday, April 28 from 12.30pm to 4pm. Most Victorian universities and TAFEs plus some private providers will be represented. Employment groups such as the Australian Defence Force, CFA, Ambulance Victoria, Victoria Police, employment and group training organisations will also be there along with various tradespeople. Parents are welcome to attend.

Student portfolios

Year 10s have been given student portfolios. They will be taught in vocational planning classes how to prepare these and will be encouraged to maintain them while at ACK. Damaged or lost portfolios cost $10 to replace.

The idea of the portfolios is for students to be the keepers of their own identities. They need to produce a portfolio about themselves at job interviews and for some tertiary courses and scholarship applications. Therefore, it is important that they are maintained not just while students are in year 10 but indefinitely.

Holiday programs

Various organisations conduct activities over the school holidays. These include university information days, behind-the-scenes days at places such as the Healesville Sanctuary, Werribee Zoo, the Melbourne Aquarium and the RSPCA, and there are also VCE study days. An extensive list, with registration and payment details, has been emailed to students, but it can also be found on the Careers Library Page.

Work experience

Work experience can be completed during school holidays once students have turned 15. Beforehand, however, students must complete a four-page legal document so that they are covered by workplace insurance. They must also complete OH&S testing. The forms and the link to the OH&S testing are on the  Careers Library Page. Processing forms and sending official notification to employers takes about two weeks, so please don’t leave it to the last minute to give me the paperwork.

There is a website that may help in the search for employers who are willing to take on work-experience students. It enables students to search for work experience opportunities in Victoria. Most placements are in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

Jenny Pendlebury – Careers Coordinator