A reflection on today's gospel

16 August 2015

Peace! Be still!

In today's gospel from Mark, Jesus is out on the boat with his friends when a storm threatens them. Jesus wakes up and immediately calms the storm with his words 'Peace! Be still!'. 

While we might find the stories of Jesus’ miracles challenging, on a very simple level, it is worth noting that Jesus finds himself in a difficult situation, and his first response is to take a big deep breath and call for calm. What a lovely reminder for us – when things get out of control and we’re struggling to stay focused and rational, let our first thoughts be of calm and stillness.

If we can send ourselves this important message and through our actions de-escalate others’ anger, hurt and pain, what a more pleasant day we would have. 'Peace! Be still!' is more than a command of Jesus to the waves, it is a good mantra for us all - everyday.

Peace and blessings.