See how ACK fared at the VEIS Grand Final on August 1 & 2

13 August 2015

Members of the ACK equestrian team write about this exciting event:

The Assumption College equestrian team placed second in the Showjumping Day and 4th the series.  The day started well with my horse Running Waters Lleu Llaw (Louie) and I placing fourth in our first show jumping round. In our second round Louie started playing up and bucked me off and we were disqualified. Louie and I placed fourth for the series after lots of consistent placings and hard training. I have had such a fun time bonding and creating memories with my fellow equestrians throughout the year. At every event they have been there to cheer me on and help me. I cannot thank them enough.

Cassidy Neubauer

Even though I couldn’t compete in the showjumping because my horses  were injured, I still thoroughly enjoyed supporting the ACK team. Admittedly, the 5am start was tough, but the day’s events were well worth the effort. 

Throughout the day I helped ACK competitors saddle up, warm up their horses, walk the courses with them, took photos and cheered them on. Our equestrians came home with some fantastic results and everyone had a great day. I couldn’t have put a bigger smile on my face seeing people enjoying the day as much as I did. I can't wait  to ride next year. 

 Madeleine Manton

The day was good. I won overall champion in the showjumping series on my horse Sammy and placed reserve champion on the day. I won a rug, a rosette and a garland. On my second horse, Tom, I missed out on reserve champion by 200th of a second. I have had a great series and hope to return next year moving up the levels on both horses, Sammy in Improvers and Tom in Progressive. 

 Siobhan Laffan

I fetched Jayde out of the stables and got her ready for our two-phase showjumping rounds. Unfortunately we knocked down a rail and she refused some jumps. At least I had fun with her. The next day was dressage and I was doing preliminary 1.2 and 1.3. My first test was fantastic and I managed 15th place. My second test was the same except I managed 18th place. Despite my results I was happy because I had fun. 

Chloe Ellis

I rode my 15hh chestnut, Negotiable. Saturday I competed in show jumping. I didn’t get a clear round or place. This was still an achievement because I am only ‘grade 5' at pony club. Sunday I competed in dressage. My first test was nice and Negotiable behaved himself. My second test went well, although Negotiable wanted to play in the water puddle half way through the test. over all, my weekend was fun. I enjoyed camping the two nights at the Werribee Equestrian Centre. Even though I didn’t place, I really enjoyed myself and it was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to competing there again next year with the ACK equestrian team.

Georgia Barbic

On the Sunday I competed on my horse Leo. It was our first grand final for dressage and we had so much fun. Even though we didn’t win, we finished midfield which was a great achievement. The day was well run and I can’t wait for next year.

Jessica Neubauer

I took Freddie (Avella Fratellino), a three-year-old warm blood, to three dressage inter-school competitions at the beginning of the year including one VEIS qualifier. I turned him out for the winter, then mum received the invitation to compete at the VEIS grand finals. I qualified  10th individually.

With only three weeks to get him back into work after three months off I had my work cut out. He was excited to be out again when we arrived on Sunday and was spooky out in the show jumping area where my first test was. There was a lot of shipping containers and show jumping equipment close to the arena. He made some young horse mistakes in the first test but overall I was quite proud of him. Placing 20th I decided to be a bit tough on him about spooking in the warm-up for the second test. It was in the main arenas which are more inviting for a young horse. He pulled out a fantastic test and won it with 75%. After my salute I put him on a loose rein, wrapped my hands around his neck and kissed him on the neck because I knew it was a great test.

Isabella Robertson-Dixon.

I rode in the Primary Preparatory section of the Dressage at the grand final. I rode in test B and C. I had a good run in test C but not so well in test B which disappointed me. I came 8th in test C and 12th in test B. These results put me 11th overall in the series. I watched other riders who were amazing. I hope I get the privilege to represent ACK again and thank everyone that has helped and supported me throughout the year.

Sophie Clifford