Students impress staff with their culinary skills

13 August 2015

VET hospitality and Event Management students recently joined forces to organise a dinner for teachers at the VCE parent-teacher-student interviews. After discussion with the event team, the hospitality students put together a menu with the theme, food around the world.

From the UK came roasted rib-eye beef served with Yorkshire pudding, roasted vegetables and red wine jus. This was carved in the room, English style.

From China the students prepared chilli prawns served with hokkien noodles and Asian vegetables with  garlic.

From Italy there was lasagne and platters of assorted salami and mortadella and olives.

From the US came homemade hamburgers with traditional ranch dressing and fries.

And from Morocco, a spicy dish: pumpkin and lentil tagine.

The meal was topped off with French fare: desserts such as crème caramel, a fantastic chocolate croqembouche and assorted cakes, including gluten-free.

This was a great learning experience for our hospitality students as the tables, cutlery, crockery, glasswear and food had to be set up in room 830, challenging them to work away from the Marlhes Centre. At the end of the evening the left-over food was returned to the Marlhes along with equipment which had to be washed and put away. Students worked in a most professional way and were congratulated by staff. Well done!

The simplicity of Japanese cuisine

Students have enhanced their knowledge about other countries that have influenced Australian cuisine.

Japanese cooking students learnt about the simplicity of Japanese cuisine and how Japanese art is both ceremonial and traditional. Students made fresh Californian rolls and chicken teriaki sushi, and while they enjoyed this prac, they found that rolling the sushi in the bamboo mat wasn’t as easy as they first thought.

Students enjoyed learning how to make croissants and the importance of rolling the dough and butter together to obtain the light flaky and bread-like structure of a croissant. They produced some great results.

Congratulations to Shania McAlpine and Tara O'Sullivan for their sushi presentation and Morae Ryan and Leticia Salmon for their mouth-watering croissants.

Happy cooking.

 Nigel Engel - VET hospitality and food technology teacher