The latest from Marcellin House

13 August 2015

The selection process for our 2016 school leaders has begun. Last Monday, six year 11 students vying for one of the many leadership roles addressed the entire house. They showed great confidence and were engaging. I am happy to say Marcellin will have enthusiastic and caring leaders.

Towards the end of the week, the year 11s went on retreat to several venues. Florence McKay and Keenan Gorski share some thoughts about their time away:

On August 6 and 7, Marcellin and Frayne embarked on an adventure to Kinglake Ranges Wilderness Camp for the Year 11 Retreat. The focus of the retreat was to develop faith and leadership skills through various team activities. It was a time for rest and reflection and an opportunity to build a greater understanding of ourselves and those around us.

We learnt to move beyond our comfort zones, working together with different friendship groups. We held group discussions and explored the collective opinions and thoughts of the groups. Overall, the retreat proved to be a fun and enjoyable experience, and each of us took away a new perception of our qualities and potential as leaders.

Our year 12s are coming into the serious end of the year, and with fewer than 40 days left of classes, I encourage all to give it 100%. There will be tough times, but know we are all here to support you. My door is always open, so please pop past if you need to chat or even just some sugar, there is always yellow lollies somewhere in my office.

And what a wonderful start to the term the year 9s had going on the city experience. I had the good fortune to attend the first camp and know it was a great experience for all involved.




Jade Barr - House Coordinator