School photo day

19 February 2015

School photos will be taken on Monday, March 2 and students must wear full summer uniform. For boys, this includes ties and blazers. For girls, blazers must be worn over dresses. However, if students do not have any of these items they may borrow them for these head shot photos.

For those who are absent on Monday, a make-up photo day will be held later in the year.

All "family" photos will be taken during recess and lunchtime.

Aussie School Photos take multiple images of each student to provide you with more choice and greater value. You should already have order forms and envelopes.

There are three ways to order photo packs:

1.  Place your order online before photo day using the unique web log on code printed on your prepayment order form. Tick “Prepaid Web Order” on the order form and have your child hand it to the photographer on photo day.

2. Complete the pre-payment order form. Include your cash, cheque or credit card payment in the envelope and have your child hand it to the photographer on photo day.

3.  Wait five working days to go online to view the images  and create a package to suit.

4. If you do not wish to buy photos, please complete details printed in the "pack selection" to advise "no photos required" and have your child hand the envelope to the photographer on photo day.                        

Sibling photos

If you wish to have a sibling photo taken please download a pre-pay form from the Aussie School Photos website or collect from the school office. Return form with your eldest child who will hand it to the photographer on photo day when the sibling photo is taken. For more information please visit

All queries should be directed to the