Principal's Report

22 October 2015

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Didn’t our year 12s finish beautifully. What a lovely bunch of young people who, at this important time, represented themselves, their families and our school with great distinction. It was wonderful to be able to celebrate 13 years of education with this group and their families, and our farewell Mass and dinner were especially nice occasions. There are some lovely photos below (taken by GFP Graduations) that you can click on to catch up on the “fashions on the field”; everyone looked beautiful.

VCE exams

We are about to enter the excitement and pressure of the year 12 exam period. Under the VCE, exams are worth 50 per cent of a student’s final grade in most subjects, so their role in determining the final ATAR is quite significant. Many of our year 11 students are also undertaking at least one year 12 exam this year, which demonstrates their commitment to their personal improvement, and their willingness to prepare themselves to face year 12 with confidence.

To those families that have a student about to sit a year 12 exam, we wish you well. It can be a disruptive time in households, as everyone chips in to create an atmosphere where the best results can be achieved. The experts tell us that the key to a calmer family life at this time is to maintain your routines. Yes, ensure there is quiet for study,  but also expect that there is contribution to family life (even doing the dishes), and the usual pleasantries. Indeed, ensuring that a positive attitude and positive behaviours are maintained during times of stress are some of the most important things we can teach our adolescents on the threshold of a working life.

Finally, all the best to our year 12s in these coming weeks. We hope that the experience is manageably challenging and reflective of all the efforts you have given in these past months.

Arts, Design & Technology Exhibition

If you didn't have a chance to drop in to the Hermitage Arts and Technology Centre to view the celebration of student achievement this week, you missed something special. It is always a pleasure to be able to celebrate student work, and even more so when you know they have given so much of themselves in the making. I congratulate and thank the staff who made the event possible, and whose tireless support of the students and their creativity has brought forth such masterpieces. The week-long exhibition closed yesterday afternoon. Parents who visited had the chance to marvel  at their sons’ and daughters’ achievements. Click on the photos below too see examples of their work.

Learning from those with less

In this Sunday’s Gospel, a man asks Jesus to cure his blindness. The story, of course, is symbolic. It’s supposed to make us think of all of the areas in our life where we are weak or not at our best, and to encourage us to identify those areas and to ask for help. Since the man was brave enough to ask, and believed that things could change for him, Jesus enabled it to be so. If we have the confidence that we can become more loving, kind, just, joyful and peace-filled, and have the courage to ask for help (and to seek it from whatever opportunities arise), then the promise of the gospels is that it will be given to us. In my year 9 class at the moment, we are studying the Beatitudes. Jesus reminds the crowds that “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst”.  What do you hunger and thirst for? 

Loving God, let us be brave enough to know ourselves well. Inspire us to ask for help when it is needed and to trust that we are always on the journey to you – to a life that is more than we can possibly imagine.  Amen.

Peace and blessings,

Kate Fogarty