ACK Sport

8 October 2015

Girls AGSV athletics

Athletics is a relatively short season on the busy AGSV calendar, but it can be very intense and rewarding. Training at Meadowglen Stadium for five weeks using professional coaches allows us to intensify the focus on the skills and techniques needed for athletics. Trials are a useful tool for measuring performance and gauging where the next improvement can come from. A 12-hour day at Albert Park Stadium is the culmination of the hard work and the girls team gets to compete alongside the boys (always a highlight for both sexes!).

It is difficult to get off the bottom of the ladder when we cannot field a full team. This is a concern, particularly in the distance running, however, on the day, the athletes achieved many personal bests and we came away with seven first places and 10 second places. More athletes are passing the baton correctly and are comfortable using starting blocks, and this in turn boosts the girls' confidence, translating into improved performance. Thanks to captain Gemma Whitty who was also used as a coach in the long jump and triple jump. Click on the document below for results:

 Vicki Whitty - Athletics coach

Boys AGSV athletics

We are still digging though the record books to confirm the following statistic, but we believe that our boys athletics team had their most successful championships in 27 years. More to the point, we finally made it off the bottom of the table! It was a highly successful day for the college at Lakeside Stadium on September 9. A summary of our top achievers is in the document below. A huge thank you to all athletics coaches, particularly the staff in charge of the boys: Matt Johnson and Matt Smith. This outstanding result is a reward for years of effort at training.


Summer sport

Summer sport starts this term. Please check the college website for the fixtures and details about training. Students should note that the team they participate in is based on their year level in 2016. For example, current year 8s will play in the year 9 competition from this term. To ensure that students are fulfilling their commitments, and not letting their teammates down, we have introduced a Co-curricular Sport Attendance Policy. Students are expected to be available for every competition day of their sport (this is a condition of enrolment, and was agreed to when students signed up for their chosen sport). If a student wishes to be excused from their commitment for a certain week, they must give an application form (endorsed by a parent or guardian) to the relevant sports coordinator. If a student does not attend their sport without an approved application or a medical certificate a Friday night detention will be issued.

Alex Timms - Director of Boys Sport