La Valla's leaders look back on their time at ACK

8 October 2015

The start of term 4 marks the home stretch for our year 12s. All those years of sitting through speeches and hearing: “Make the most of your time, it goes so fast” and sitting there thinking it cannot come fast enough; that time is finally upon us. Year 12 is a mixture of, I can’t wait to finish because I feel my sanity dwindling and that uncertainty and apprehension about what the future holds. While some may say they love school, some say they hate it, there is no denying that ACK has helped shape us into young adults. 


It is only in the moments so close to departure that you realise how much this school has meant to us for so long. It has been the uniform in our cupboards, the knowledge in our minds and the passion in our hearts. We have sat and listened every other year to people proclaiming that “We are the best year level to ever grace the halls”; but we don’t think that adequately describes the beauty and nuances of each and every person and every moment of our graduating year.


We have had our ups, our downs, our successes and our failures, and it is these that make us unique. No other group will ever be the 2015 graduates  of ACK. No matter where life takes us, whether it separates us or pulls us together, this time spent together will forever be immortalised in our minds and hearts.


Last term was filled with events that kept everyone on their toes,  events such as Assumption Day and the Assumption-Sacred Heart Exchange. These activities reinforce the fact that we are students of ACK; the times of celebration, creating new friendships and cherishing those we are blessed to have. The intense rivalry between Sacred Heart and ACK, while being fun and light-hearted, embodies the pride that we feel when we say, “I’m a part of ACK”.


This pride in ourselves and our achievements has been expressed through winter sport and cultural awards nights. The acknowledgment of hard work and dedication as well as the expression of talent and love of performing, encapsulates what it means to belong to this college.


“I guess in a sense” (a Joe Pannuzzo expression) a report is not inspirational without a quote, so here's one to ponder: “You see us as you want to see us… In the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain…and an athlete..a basket case..a princess..and a criminal." (Or maybe that’s just Nick.)


Alani Costa and Nicholas Reich - House Captains 2015