Early resource list for VCE English (SYNC)

8 October 2015

Near the end of term, our senior students will attend start your new classes (SYNC) in preparation for their 2016 VCE studies. For some subjects we prefer them to have the prescribed textbooks in time for the SYNC program as work will be set from these.

An “early” resource list contains details of textbooks that are needed for the following subjects: English (units 1-4), English Language (units 1-4) and Literature (units 1-4). 

Orders must be prepaid and the textbooks will be delivered to the College.  Online ordering is available on www.campion.com.au using the passcode 8RNJ.  Hard copies of the form for the early resource list for the SYNC will be given to students and one can be downloaded by clicking here. Completed forms must be returned to student reception by Friday, October 23

Cristina Vergara - Curriculum Coordinator