Principal's Report

8 October 2015

Boarding College Captains 2

Our final year at Assumption

Being elected college captains in 2015 was a tremendous honour which allowed us to grow in ways we never thought possible. Not only were we confronted with the challenges of going outside our comfort zones by public speaking, helping organise college events and  mixing with staff and students, we also faced the academic rigour of year 12. However, through teamwork and time management we are sure we met all our responsibilities.   

During the year a priority was to bring senior and junior students together to further build community. Due to the difficult time the Assumption community has recently faced (Zane Collier's passing), we saw this as a perfect opportunity for students to come together to try to lift college spirit. The response was extremely positive and we believe this played a significant role in the mark we aim to leave at Assumption. Additionally, we hope this mingling of the year levels will grow into a strong tradition that next year’s leaders and senior students will develop so that together everyone will seek the things that are above.

What are we grateful for?

Many thanks to our teachers, who have been lenient and patient as we met our commitments, and the senior leadership team  which supported us. Many sacrifices were made this year, so we thank our families and boarding supervisors for their support and understanding, knowing that year 12 is stressful, even more so with our added responsibilities.

A massive thank you to the Assumption community for allowing us the honour of being your leaders this year. It will be hard to say goodbye to a school that has given us so much. 

Finally, we thank our own leadership team for the sacrifices and commitments they have made. Many hands make light work, and our team have been stupendous in all that we have done.

Our message to fellow students

Our year is almost over, and with our exams about to start  we have begun saying goodbye. We  congratulate our successors, Monica Kelly and Connor Leslie, and the other leaders and year 12s of 2016. We wish them the best of luck and hope they enjoy their last year here as much as we have.

Our advice to those entering senior year levels and the new intake of juniors is to give everything your best shot. You only get out of Assumption what you put in and if you put in, whatever your forte, you will get the world back.

Mitchell Trait and Brinnah Kavanagh

 A Leader’s Prayer

 Leadership is hard to define

Lord, let us be the ones to define it with justice.

Leadership is like a handful of water.

Lord, let us be the people to share it with those who thirst.

Leadership is not about watching and correcting.

Lord, let us remember it is about listening and connecting.

Leadership is not about telling people what to do.

Lord, let us find out what people want.

Leadership is less about the love of power

And more about the power of love.


Lord, as we continue to undertake the role of leader let us be

 Affirmed by the servant leadership we witness in our son Jesus.  Let us

Walk in the path he has set and let those who will, follow.

Let our greatest passion be compassion.

Our greatest strength love.

Our greatest victory the reward of peace.

In leading let us never fail to follow.

In loving let us never fail.