Students discover the alternative to pasta in a packet

8 October 2015

Our year 10s have learnt how to make pasta from scratch.

It was interesting to watch them get their heads around operating a pasta machine and producing fettuccini rather than just tearing open a packet and placing pasta in the water.

Students learnt about the importance of using double-oo flour and how adding semolina strengthens the pasta. After producing it, students cooked it off and blended it with a country-style sauce of fresh cooked breadcrumbs mixed with fresh garlic, thyme and chilli bound with beautiful scented virgin olive oil. Students produced a great product and the room smelt fantastic with all the fresh flavours.

Congratulations to Dylan Joyce and Edan Boyd who won the Golden Spoon award.

Until next time, happy cooking.

 Nigel Engel - Vet Hospitality/Food Technology