Year 8s reflect on the goodness in our world

8 October 2015

At the end of last term we revisited the Goodness in Our World topic studied by 8F for much of third term. 


You may recall an earlier article about how students were introduced to this interesting and sometimes controversial topic. Having completed this area of study, I asked students to reflect on what they had learnt, using the various activities they had done to help them recall information.


These activities included finding good and evil scriptural references from the Bible, completing an assessment task as a multimedia presentation that highlighted a real evil in our world, and finally having fun watching the film The Lorax, for an interesting take on a common "evil" in our world, logging. Here’s what some students said: 


“When you’re having a bad day, there are worse things in life”- Jessica Parker


“There will always be evil present in our world, but our world today has the power of good to change that”- Joelie Coter


“No matter how much evil in our world, there is always someone willing to make a difference”- Nicole Lloyd


“Forgive and forget”- Brydon Burrell


Some thoughtful reflections from 8F there, and something for us to think about.


Jennifer Najdenovski - Religious education teacher