Principal's Message

4 April 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

France & USA Study Tours

I hope you have had the opportunity to follow our current overseas Study Tour groups via the College social media pages.  The French Study Tour program focuses on French Language, History (Revolution & World War), Art, Human Rights and Religion. Our tour company tailors the program each year based on the students we have attending the study tour and the VCE subjects they are studying. Students also visit Paris, Lyon, Geneva and the Western Front. This group is also extremely privileged to spend a day at the Marist Hermitage, where Saint Marcellin Champagnat formed and trained the first Marist Brothers.

The USA Study Tour has a STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths). Their program is designed to give exposure to the many and varied careers that STEAM subjects can lead to. This group travels to Orlando, Washington and New York. These programs run each year for senior students, and every second year we also have a group travelling to Italy to study Italian Language, Art, Food Technology, Religion and History.

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Thank you to those parents who showed forbearance during out recent ICT crash, which made it difficult for us to be sure which parents had booked interviews at certain times. As a number of you also became aware, we were overwhelmed with the number of parents who sought interviews during this term’s sessions – the most interviews we have ever had requested! Whilst this is very encouraging, in that it shows the increasing willingness of parents to seek information and feedback about their child’s learning, it also highlights that we need to continue to find ‘smarter’ ways of providing opportunities for conversations.

Our teachers are available via email and are happy to make time for phone calls as best as possible. We hope that the roll-out of the new SIMON/PAM App will make it easier for parents to access their child’s learning information on PAM, which might also lead to more responsive conversations during the term, rather than the traditional ‘post-mortem’ at the end of the assessment period. As always, your ideas are always welcome and we continue to monitor what other schools are doing to see if our practices can be improved. Certainly, our real-time feedback to parents via PAM is one of the strengths of our system, and we are conscious that not all parents use it to its full capacity. We will endeavour to find ways to strengthen this as the App gets up and running.

Marist Basketball Carnival

In the first week of the holidays, we will be hosting the Marist Basketball Carnival in partnership with Marist College, Bendigo. Due to limited accommodation in Kilmore and surrounds, we could not host the Carnival here locally (32 teams from across Australia compete in this event), so it is convenient for us to work in partnership with one of our sister schools. The program and draw for the Carnival is available online (there is a link on the College Facebook page), and if you happen to be in Bendigo from Monday to Thursday, I’m sure our students would appreciate your support.  On your behalf, I sincerely thank the staff who have worked ‘above and beyond’ to ensure the event represented our College well. Particularly, thank you to Jenny McKay and Narae Blackwell, who have worked with a small team from Bendigo to bring everything together.

Easter awaits

The Easter season takes us to the heart of our Christian faith as the story of Jesus’ final days reminds us that darkness and evil, while present in our world, does not have the final say. As we gather this Easter, after a long, and at times, extremely sad and challenging term, let us be reminded that the moments of joy, love and peace we experience are all small signs that God is at work in our world in wonderful ways. So too, Easter reminds us that while we are not called to die on a cross, each of us can take personal responsibility for the ‘resurrection’ of others in their daily challenges and small deaths; those moments of hurt, sorrow and pain that we can alleviate through our words and actions.

Loving God, let this Easter be a time of grace for our community and our families. May the hearing of the Easter story resurrect in us peace and love. May we be people who seek to bring new life to others, and may our world be changed for the good by the faith-filled hope and joy renewed in us. Amen.

Blessings to all for a safe and restful holiday. We look forward to seeing everyone again on Easter Tuesday.

Peace and Blessings

Kate Fogarty