Debate Team Reflections

22 August 2019

Assumption College students reflect on their time, effort and lessons learned


This year I participated in debating at the D grade level. It was quite an enjoyable experience that I will definitely be doing next year. I especially liked the debates, both those I did and those I watched. It has opened a new world of experiences and knowledge that I would likely not have found elsewhere. One such example would be that I learnt that refugees do not have full access to the welfare system, but instead have approximately 89% access.

Over the season that consisted of five debates, my team won three debates, ranking us quite high on the ladder. I have learned a lot from this and would highly recommend it to good writers, public speakers, or someone who just wants to give debating a go. 

Jesse Jones, D Grade 2019


I decided to try debating for the first time this year. In doing so, I was initially quite surprised by how it all worked and often got nervous before my debates; however, after doing this debating season I have found that it has helped me see problems from a variety of angles instead of just one or a few.  Debating has also greatly assisted me in my oral presentation skills as prior to partaking in it I often would fidget or not even look up from my cue cards, whereas now I seem to have no issues in doing oral presentation or engaging with my audience.

Overall, debating in my opinion is a fantastic opportunity to improve your public speaking skills, charisma as well as your ability to expand your line of thinking, work collaboratively and perhaps even bond with fellow debaters. I would highly recommend any student to try debating as it is surprising enjoyable and fulfilling. 

James Zahra, C Grade 2019


Throughout the past couple of terms I have been a member of the debating team Assumption 1 (B grade). In this time, I have experienced some of the best times in my schooling. My team was made with some friends and some people I hardly knew, despite that, my team grew close and felt comfortable to talk with each other and joke around. The teachers were always organised and always willing to help us. Over all I really enjoyed my debating experience and I will likely be coming back for 2020.

Thomas Ridley, B Grade 2019


Debating was one of the most academically enriching co-curricular activities I participated in this year. Not only did becoming a member of the ACK Debate Squad strengthen my public speaking skills, contributing to an awesome score on my Year 12 English oral presentation, but it also taught me how to be more aware of my surroundings. The critical thinking skills I developed over the course of the season will be applicable to anything I chose to do with my life next year, particularly those that involved the measuring and applying feedback.

There is so much more to a debate than arguing; debating is all about being able to apply current, real world logic to the dilemmas proposed in the topic questions, and in most places concluding with an educated, reasonable solution. Personally, I enjoyed debating because it allowed me to share, expand on and re-evaluate my opinions with like-minded people. It provided a much needed challenge to argue the side of a debate that I did not tend to agree with; it teaches you that no matter your personal beliefs, the greater good must be considered.

I recommend debating to anyone who wishes to explore their skills in the expression of language and who wants to have a great time doing so. Debating is a blast; amazing fun, teamed with learning opportunities. What more could you ask for?

Hannah Membrey, A Grade 2019
Debating Captain 2019