Principal's Message

16 May 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Tuning Into Teens

There have literally been hundreds of parents tapping into our ‘Tuning Into Teen’s program these past few weeks, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for the scientifically supported and socially sensible parenting skills that the program provides. There is one more session to go, and I strongly encourage any parents who might be available to come along.

‘Prepare them for match day’ is one of the key elements of the ‘Tuning Into Teens’ program. This means, just as you would make sure your child is ready and skilled up to play their favourite sport on a given day, we need to prepare them and skill them up for challenging emotional and stressful moments in life. Doing so gives them the best opportunity to improve their skills and thus grow into confident, creative and resilient young people. Emotional regulation and emotional self-care are especially important skills that we cannot presume young people will just ‘pick-up’. Don’t forget that if you can’t get along to the sessions, the Assumption TV channel (found on PAM) is a great resources around a number of topics to help with supporting your adolescents, including mindfulness and overcoming anxiety.

Emotional Coaching: ‘Anger is a secondary emotion’ – Remember, anger is often called a ‘secondary emotion’ because we tend to resort to anger in order to protect ourselves from or cover up other vulnerable feelings. A primary feeling is what is  felt immediately before we feel anger. We almost always feel something else first,  before we get angry. We might first feel afraid, attacked, offended, disrespected, forced, trapped, or pressured. If any of these feelings are intense enough, we think of the emotion as anger. When your child is displaying angry behaviours, try and help them reflect on the primary emotion they are feeling (eg. what is it that just happened, or was just said that made you feel this way?) – this will provide a much more useful set of information to assist you in helping them overcome their anger.

Uniform sale changes   

Recently, Colin and Janice Kerris informed us that after many wonderful years of service to our community, they will be selling their business in Seymour. Kerris’ team have supported our families and offered terrific uniform advice for over twenty years. Their contribution to making families feel welcome and included as they prepare to join the Assumption community has been second-to-none.  Happily, Colin and Janice have been able to enter into an arrangement with our other uniform suppliers, Academy.  From the end of this week (20th), the Assumption College uniform will no longer be available via a Seymour outlet, and Academy will take over responsibility for providing a uniform –‘pop-up shop’ on site at school for sizing, as well as their usual online services. There will be a letter going home about this in the coming days.

On behalf of the Assumption community, I would like to thank Colin and Janice for their service and support of the College. They have always been a pleasure to work with, and as they move onto new things, we wish them all the very best.

Expansion to Year 7 2020

You may have noticed our recent advertising of the potential expansion of Year 7 in 2020. We had initially intended to return to 8 classes for this year group, but a run of late applications has taken us very close to the ‘tipping point’ of putting on a ninth class. If you know of any families who may not  have yet decided which school to send their child to in 2020, please encourage them to make contact with our Enrolments Officer, Mr Bernie Jephson.

Career Expo

Next Friday we host the annual Careers Expo. This event, which was initiated by and has grown under the care of our dedicated staff, is one of the largest ‘like-events’ in regional Victoria. I strongly encourage parents, whatever the age of your child, to pop into the Gonz throughout the day to speak with tertiary education and employment providers. It’s a great opportunity to begin informal discussions with your child about their future subject choices, and how you can work together to set them up for a wide range of possibilities for their future careers.

Love one another

This Sunday’s Gospel sees Jesus reminding his followers and the crowds who constantly surround him, that the greatest thing we can do in life, beyond everything else, is love. In many ways, this simple exhortation seems ridiculously simple, but as each of us know, when we’re tired, stressed, hurt and angry, loving and showing the behaviours of love (patience, kindness, joy) can be the furthest thing from our minds!

Loving God, let our hearts move towards love before hurt, stress and anger overcome us. Amen.

We also keep our parish priest and College Chaplain, Fr Grant in our prayers as he recovers from a recent stint in hospital. We look forward to seeing him back at some stage.

Peace and blessings