Book Club News

10 October 2019

Final Book Club Meeting of 2019

Our final Book Club meeting for 2019 was a celebration of our time together and a chance to acknowledge and farewell our year 12 members.

We shared good food and special memories as Mrs Reid and Mrs Devlin had created a movie for us showcasing photos from the many activities we had participated in as part of Book Club this year.

It was very sad to say goodbye to three very keen Book Club members.

  • Daniel Parkinson joined Book Club when he was in year 7 and has been a dynamic and good-natured participant in almost every activity in the past 6 years. His enthusiasm, positive attitude and sense of humour will not be forgotten. We are seriously considering renaming the hat he always wore at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in his honour!
  • Sam Moreira joined Book Club in year 8 and has also participated in many of our activities over the years. His quiet nature and friendliness to other students was very much appreciated. And he can dance! What a shame we found that out too late to make him the entertainment at one of our events…
  • Jayson Baker joined the Book Club only this year but has been a very welcome addition to Book Club. Always polite, friendly and giving, Jayson impressed us all with his thoughtfulness and willingness to join in. He is a quiet achiever!

We wish these three young men the very best for the years ahead and hope they will treasure memories of this special time in their lives too.

To the rest of the Book Club: We look forward to seeing you again next year and thank you for your eager participation each time we meet. Keep up the reading until we meet again in 2020!

A big thank you to Mrs Julie Pell and her team for catering a beautiful array of snacks for this event.  Most of all , however, a big thank you from myself and all of the Book Club, to Mrs Terri Reid (Book Club Organiser), Mrs Jo Devlin and Mrs Maki Daisley who have all given so much to our students this year and have made Book Club the very successful and popular activity it is. 

A message for Year 12 students.

In your final preparation for your Exams, please remember the Library is open from 8am until 5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 3.45pm on Fridays.

You are very welcome to study here – we will be keeping the room at the back of the Library (Non-fiction area) for quiet study but there are plenty of other areas available where you can discuss your work.

Don’t forget we also have some useful resources to help with your study. If you can’t find what you need, just ask one of the Library Staff.

We all wish you all the best for your exams and the years ahead!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Alexa Hunt

Director of Library and Information Services