Principal's Message

11 October 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Farewell Graduating Class of 2019

Friday 18th October is the last day that the 204  students who make up the 2019 Graduating Class will be together on our College grounds.

We begin the day with a College Assembly, before each student is personally honoured in his or her House Group. The students then have a gathering to share their collective memories, before we provide a shared lunch and formally farewell them.

On Thursday 24th November, we gather with the students’ parents for the Graduation Mass and Dinner, which is always a wonderful celebration. Then, while the 17 VCAL students and 31 who are not sitting exams head off to the world of work or other study opportunities, 156 students begin their exams on November 30.

The 2019 graduating class have been a lovely group to work with. In this, their final year, they have been ably lead by a tremendous group of peers and have, time and time again, demonstrated our Marist values – exemplifying what it is to be an Assumption student.

I hope you will join me in keeping these hope-filled and engaged young people in your thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks. We can all remember the anxieties and unknowns associated with the closing days of our school lives, and every small piece of goodwill and care directed their way is worth its weight in gold.

We also keep the families of these students in our hearts, and wish them well as they support their beloveds through the coming weeks and months.

At the Graduation Mass, we will acknowledge the 31 families who have been associated with Assumption for over ten years each, including one family who have had eighteen years of their children studying at Assumption College!

myMAP Updates

With myMAP subject selections now completed, the development of the 2020 timetable is well in hand. In the coming weeks, you will see advertisements for new teaching positions that will be required due to the growth in student numbers and the introduction of MyMAP.

We’d be very happy if you helped share the link to the information about new positions on your social media platforms, so that we can ensure that the broadest field possible is attained.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll share some ‘fun facts’ about MyMAP and the trends we are noticing in student subject selections.

  • 150 subjects will run under myMAP in 2020
  • Nearly a third of these subjects (30%) come from the Science and Technology domains, highlighting our students growing interest in, and valuing of, STEM subjects. This is extremely pleasing, given the increasing growth of STEM pathways and careers.
  • The top three Religious education subjects selected were: ‘Is Death the End?’, ‘God vs. gods’ and ‘Great Biblical Stories’.
  • A tenth of our students selected a ‘dark blue’ English subject.
  • 5% of students in Year 1 of myMAP (formerly ‘Year 8’) have, with the support of their parents and teachers, selected a Dark Blue subject, meaning they will be working two years above their expected level.
  • ‘Australia at War’ was the most popular Humanities subject. It was selected by 87 students

Learning Mentors and the Pathways team are still happy to meet with families to look at the subject offerings for 2020 and beyond. We have already had over a dozen schools express interest in coming to visit Assumption to learn more about the MyMAP program.

This is a testament to the extensive research, careful planning and clear communication that occurred before and during its introduction. 2020 promises to be an exciting year indeed!


RURBAN is just three weeks away and it’s time now for you to indicate to the College how you will support this important new event. RURBAN has been made possible through the generous donations of a number of our families, who are bringing their considerable expertise and hardware to our property.

100% of the funds raised from ride tickets will go to the College Building Fund, so we need your help to keep our overheads down and also to encourage as many people in the broader community to come along. Please go to this link and let us know how you can help out. Just 3-4 hours of your time over the weekend would be GREATLY appreciated!

We need help parking cars, supervising students in running attractions, and assisting with the smooth running of the day. Conservatively, we expect about 5000 through the gate across the weekend, and we need to them have a great experience so they tell their friends and come back each year!

The success of this project will make a considerable impact on our capacity to be able to provide wonderful resources for your children, so please get involved and help out in whatever way you can. If you’re not free on the 1-3 November, the link provides information about the many other ways you can support RURBAN as a successful project.

Be grateful…be happy!

The Jesuit writer Tony de Mello used to say that you cannot be grateful and be unhappy. In this coming Sunday’s gospel, Jesus cures ten lepers, only one of whom comes back to thank him.

As we draw towards the end of the year, our natural inclination is to look back and ponder the significant moments and people. How many of us, I wonder, genuinely thank those who through big or small actions or words, have made our lives a little better this year?

The leper story reminds us that many forget to pause and be grateful, and even fewer put that into words or deeds of thanks. Let’s pause and take a moment to count our blessings, be grateful for them, and action a small step or two to let others know that their efforts are appreciated.

Generous God, thanks for the blessings that enter our lives quietly, and yet with far-reaching impact. Thank you for those people who build us up, and those moments that make life truly and deeply joyful. Change our hearts to one of constant awareness of these blessings, and let us be people who live our gratefulness with abundance. Amen.

Peace and Blessings,

Kate Fogarty