End of Term 3 Sports Recap and Update

19 September 2019

Congratulations to all of our students who have participated in the 2018-2019 Summer and Winter AGSV season of sport.

We have had many wonderful moments throughout the season across all of our junior and senior teams and I wish to thank all of our coaches, parents and students for their hours of time and effort put in to ensure the success of our program.

Most importantly, I would like to also thank John Katal and our maintenance staff, Des, Mark and most recently Kristy for their efforts in ensuring all of our equipment and playing fields are organised for each and every training session and game held at ACK – a huge task and one which they all take on with great pride.

This week at our whole school assembly, I have had the opportunity to present our year 12 students with their Colours earned for outstanding co-curricular achievements.

The following students have displayed excellence within their chosen sport, and it was with great pride that I was able to congratulate our most senior students for their efforts within our AGSV sporting program.

Colours were presented to the following year 12 students.

For selection into an AGSV Representative Team during the 2018-2019 season

AFL  Jesse Taylor (AGSV Co Vice Captain) and Nathan Stewart 
Basketball  Hailey Wynd (AGSV Captain)                             
Soccer  Joelie Coter

Summer Captains

Basketball Dion Stacey
Cricket Liam Monaghan
Tennis Jackson Ritchie
Swimming Grace Tricarico / Jack Tricarico

 Winter Captains

AFL Jesse Taylor
Netball Alexandra Roberts
Basketball Hailey Wynd
Soccer Joelie Coter
Athletics Aidan Roberts

In our final whole school assembly, I will be presenting the remainder of our colours to those students in year 11 or below.

The following students were presented with an MVP or Coaches award for their efforts in our Firsts teams:


Girls MVP Hailey Wynd
Boys MVP Luke Cairns
Boys Coaches Award Dion Stacey
Girls Coaches Award Emma Povh


MVP Riley Mason
Coaches Award Liam Monaghan


MVP Riley Mason
Coaches Award Liam Monaghan


MVP Georgia Sieben
Coaches Award Heidi Woodley


MVP  Monique Mangion
Coaches Award  Kimberly Tyack


MVP  Jacqueline Warriner
Coaches Award  Ella Stoward


MVP  Mitchel Langborne
Coaches Award  Isaiah Mcllroy

Cross Country

MVP Mitchel Langborne
Coaches Award Mikayla Pimperl

 Well done to all our award recipients.

I would also like to take this opportunity to outline student expectations whilst competing in our co-curricular program and reiterate to all involved that entries for the AGSV summer competition rely on the information provided by students when selecting their sport.

Therefore, to ensure the success of the program it is imperative that once a sport has been selected students must ensure their commitment to the co-curricular program as outlined below:

  • When students sign up for a co-curricular activity they are committing to all training sessions as directed by their coach and must make themselves available for all games, regardless of all external activities.
  • If extenuating circumstances result in an absence for any game, a ‘Leave Request Form’ must be submitted to the Sport Co-ordinator for approval no later than 3:00pm the Monday prior to the scheduled game.
  • For late and unexpected absences due to injury or illness, students are expected to provide a medical certificate upon return to the college.

Should you wish to know more about ACK’s co-curricular programs a comprehensive overview is located in the Family Handbook, which can be accessed via SIMON.

The training schedule is to be found on our ACK website via the Sports Information page along with fixtures and bus schedules, which are updated each Monday.

Please note that the fixtures are subject to change and a weekly confirmation will be sent to your child via email from their coach. Email must be checked regularly as this is the most effective way in which coaches can communicate changes to their players.

Buses depart Assumption College at the time indicated on the timetable and stop at the following locations”

Wallan; in front of the tennis courts (10 mins after Assumption departure time)

Craigieburn; Kingswood Drive Fish and Chip Shop (20 mins after Assumption departure time)

We ask students to be at the bus 10 mins prior to allow us getting to the venue on time.

Uniforms are available for purchase on the following link:


Samples are available at reception to try on (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). All uniforms will be delivered to the College on Thursdays, weekly.

I urge all players to try on their uniforms prior to ordering as returns will not be accepted once uniforms are worn. Please note that there are no deliveries over the school holiday period.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the upcoming summer season please feel free to contact me at any time via email Narae.Blackwell@assumption.vic.edu.au.


Narae Blackwell 

Sports Coordinator