Have you returned your medical forms?

5 February 2015

Medical forms

All parents or guardians, especially those who have children with the following medical conditions, must return completed medical forms with the following information as soon as possible. Students may not be able to attend off-campus activities until forms are returned.

ANAPHYLAXIS  : ASCIA Anaphylaxis plan with current head shot signed by a doctor.

                         : Plan must be renewed annually.

                         : Risk management plan

                         : Provide epipen or child to carry


ASTHMA          : Asthma Foundation asthma plan with head shot, signed by a doctor.

                          : Plan must be renewed annually.


ALLERGY         : ASCIA allergy form with head shot photo, signed by doctor.

                          : Plan must be renewed annually

                          : Must be completed for all allergies.


Mouthguard impressions will be taken in the infirmary on Monday, February 23 at lunchtime and forms are available at the infirmary and must be returned by February 16.  

For more information please phone or email our infirmary nurses:

 Tina Gage - infirmary@assumption.vic.edu.au

 Rachael Woodham - infirmary@assumption.vic.edu.au