More than 130 of our 2014 graduates received first-round offers

5 February 2015

We congratulate the 134 students who received first-round offers for tertiary courses. Of these, 122 received either their first-, second- or third-course preferences. Round-two offers are due out today, and we hope some more of our 2014 graduates receive tertiary places. La Trobe University is still our students’ preferred university, with RMIT and Victoria universities their second and third preferences.

Once again, it is interesting to note that five students received tertiary offers without ATARs. This included four VCAL students who have been offered certificate or diploma courses at William Angliss Institute and Victoria University. We are happy in our department when students reach their goals, whether they be tertiary courses, apprenticeships, traineeship or full-time employment.

If you missed out on a tertiary place, you might benefit from a free course offered by La Trobe University in conjunction with Kangan Institute and the Hume Global Learning Centre.

Work experience

There is no compulsory work experience program at ACK, however, we do support students wanting to do work experience during holidays. Work experience is different from structured workplace learning, that all VET students have to complete, as students usually don’t have any skills when doing work experience, and it is usually an opportunity to observe people in a career that they may wish to follow.

To be registered as a work experience student and to be covered by the Department of Education and Training, students must complete an online Occupational Health and Safety program for their specific industry plus a general OH&S test.

Students over 15 who want to do work experience should contact me no later than two weeks before they wish to start to complete paperwork and to ensure that the OH&S program has been completed. These forms are on Career Libguide

Tax file numbers

Schools can no longer help students obtain tax file numbers (TFNs) and they must be applied for online. 

Who's who?

The pathway team consists of Mrs Carol Fisher, Mrs Carmen Fifield and me. Each of us is responsible for different aspects of our students' pathways as they travel through ACK and beyond.

Mrs Fisher is the coordinator of VET in schools and school-based apprenticeships and is not in the office on  Fridays.

Mrs Fifield is supporting Mrs Fisher and myself, in particular by looking after structured work placement and work experience organisation and is available on Wednesdays and Fridays. I am looking after career mentoring and subject selections, and am at the College every day.

Mr Houghton is VCAL Coordinator and is also here every day.

Students can make appointments to see us by contacting us in our offices in the student services wing (through the red door), and parents can phone or email us. 

Interviews can be booked using the sheet on my office door. 

Further communications

A further newsletter has been sent to students and it is on the Career’s Libguide on the College library webpage. This site contains information about careers, VET & SBATs, and work experience and structured work placement forms.

If you have any questions about careers or would like to make an appointment, email us:

Mrs Jenny Pendlebury - Careers Coordinator